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Acacia Consulting & Research (ACR) is
an Ottawa, Canada-based company established in 1999. ACR helps municipalities and community-based organizations make better use of data, information and knowledge in order to influence policy and affect change at the
local and neighbourhood levels, both in Canada and internationally.

The company works to ensure that policies and programs are
designed to touch the lives of individual citizens, reach the
neighbourhoods where they live and strengthen the organizations that
most directly represent their interests. Of particular importance is
ensuring that development results reach all sectors of a
neighbourhood or organization.

ACR works to ensure that these results are measured, monitored and
evaluated in order to further strengthen the design of programming
and policies and enable meaningful reporting and documentation.
ACR relies on a consultative approach within the organization and with
external stakeholders in the process of developing policies, programs
and implementation tools.

Relying on its staff and network of associates, ACR is capable of
assembling multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual, multi-city project teams.

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